By: Reanna DeWitte

Alcohol is BAD

Alcohol is very bad for your health if you drink a quart of vodka in one sitting, it can kill you. Also, Alcohol is very depressant. It slows breathing and heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Alcohol related car crashes are most common for teenagers.

It is very bad to be an alcoholic

- Many Adults don't drink at all

- The more someone drinks overtime, the more likely they are to become an alcoholic

- Even if you are not an alcoholic, heavy drinking can hurt your family, your life at school and your friendships

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What are the signs that a teen is dependent on alcohol?

- Drinking every day

- Drinking regularly to relieve shyness anger or fear

- Drinking in the morning

- Drinking alone regularly

- Needing a drink at a certain time every day

- Having a loss of memory during or after drinking

- Becoming moody after drinking

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