Enduro USA

By Chase Mayo

Introduction and Today's Riding Tips

Enduro USA is all about giving the avid enduro/motocross enthusiast something to read and explore yet also helping newcomers get a basic understanding of what enduro is all about. Enduro is any riding on a dirtbike that you do off of a groomed track or road. It usually consists of riding very rough or barely existing trails through the mountains, desert, forest, etc. Enduro riding is a very rapidly growing sport in the United States and around the world. The main barrier for many from getting into the sport is the lack of experience with off road motorcycles and lack of experience in maintaining these machines. The remedy to this problem? Get involved and ask questions!

Enduro is all about having fun, even for the pros who do this for a living. So what are some ways to ensure you have the most fun out on the ride? Let’s start broad, very broad. Bike selection. First determine your skill level and experience, if you don’t know this then you are probably a beginner. “You want to be able to put one-third of your foot on the ground, so you’re not flat footed or unbalanced on your tip-toes. If any big bump were to come your way, you want to be able to control the bike if you have to put your feet down (Chaparral).”

Next on the list, proper tire pressure. This varies greatly upon what terrain you are going to be traveling on but it will normally be around 13 psi for your back tire and around 12 psi for your front tire. The difference is because the softer you tire usually the better traction you will have. Going too soft is dangerous because you will damage your tire very quickly. “If you're on a sandy track lower the front to 11 and the rear to 11.5 but if you're on hard pack try 13 front, 13.5 in the rear. Keep in mind though, if it is 100 degrees out you'll have higher pressure once the tires heat up (motosport).”

Correct handlebar position is extremely important in the handling of your bike. Every rider has their own preference when it comes to the exact position of their bars but for most people it is the same. Having your handlebars sit slightly higher than what may initially feel comfortable is normal and good. Also having them in a more upright position rather than tilted back towards you is a good position. This allows you to stand and still have great control of your bike and when sitting it keeps your posture good.
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Great Deals With Enduro USA

The new 2016 Ktm XC-W is the ultimate off road machine. Unrivaled torque with light weight design. This 2-stroke is sure to be a favorite among trail riders for recreation and competition. Order in next 3 days and save 10% off retail price!

2016 KTM 300 XC-W Specifications:
Engine: Single cylinder, two-stroke
Displacement: 293.2cc
Bore x Stroke: 72 x 72mm
Starter/Battery: Kickstarter & Electric / 12V, 3Ah
Transmission: 6-speed
Fuel system: Keihin PWK 36S AG Carburetor
Control: Power Valve TVC
Lubrication: Premix 60:1
Cooling: Liquid cooling
Clutch: Wet multi-disc DDS, Brembo hydraulics
Frame: Central double-cradle 25CrMo4 steel
Subframe: Aluminum
Handlebar: Neken
Front suspension: WP-USD, 48 mm
Rear suspension: WP-Monoshock with PDS
Suspension travel front/rear: 11.8 inches/13.1 inches
Front/rear brakes: 260/220mm
Front/rear rims: 1.60 x 21”, 2.15 x 18” Giant
Front/rear tires: 80/100-21”, 110/100-18”
Steering head angle: 26.5°
Wheel base: 58.35±0.4 inches
Triple clamp offset: 22mm
Ground clearance: 13.98 inches
Seat height: 37.8 inches
Tank capacity, approx: 2.64 US gallons
Weight, approx. (without fuel): 225.1 pounds

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How-To...... Clean Air Filter

Todays How-To… Tip will be how to properly remove, clean, re-oil, and re-mount your air filter. For starters here is your supply list of tools and products needed.

  • 1 gallon bucket

  • Source of water

  • Aprx. 32 ounces of clean Gasoline

  • Air Filter Spray Oil

  • Grease

  • Roll of Paper Towels

  • 10mm wrench

Now that all our supplies are ready to go we can get started. First off use your 10mm wrench to unbolt 2 bolts on either side of your seat usually located near the rear. There will be some kind of screw or wire holding your air filter in place just under your seat. Remove air filter from postion and bring to your working area. Begin rinsing with water first to get big easy pieces of filth off. Then pour gasoline in bucket. Place air filter in bucket and let it soak up the gas then squeeze to let gas drain out as well as old grease, oil, and dirt. Repeat this step as many times as necessary. When it is clean give it one final rinse with water. Set air filter aside to dry for 30 minutes minimum to dry. Use paper towels to expedite process. When filter is completely dry use spray oil to coat outside of air filter. Use grease to create as seal around bottom edge of filter and where it will rest against the air box. This keeps micro dirt particles from getting in this gap. Re-position air filter inside air box under seat and bolt your seat back down. Process complete.

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Today's Meme

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2-Strokes or 4-Strokes?

So which is it? The unrivaled bottom end constant torque of the 4 stroke, or the spine chilling power band of the 2 Stroke? This has been kicked back and forth since ancient times. Back in the day, 2 strokes were the only way to go, 4 strokes were an enormous amount of maintenance for not as good performance. In more recent times, 4 strokes have improved dramatically. They take much less maintenance than they use to and performance has grown significantly winning over many riders in both enduro and motocross. Yet there's just something about those screamin' 2 strokes that keeps customers coming back for more. To ride a 2 stroke you need to be on the pipe. (on the throttle) If you don't have the right mindset to keep the bike wide open then the 2 stroke may not be for you because they do not perform well at half throttle. The decision is up to you, the rider. So which one will you take?

A Little Poem To Remember While Riding

The sun is out, It's time to ride

You load your bike, with a great amount of pride

Cruisin to the launch site you go

Thinking of all the cute girls you will soon know

You fire up your beast, she's ready to run

Flying by the slow riders, you shall now shun

You get a little sideways when you catch a rut

And your heart immediately drops to your gut

Then you remember an old saying

Your Grandpa use to go about shouting


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