Donate your Books

Book Drives are a great way to give back this year

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Do you have old books that are still in good Shape?

Have you ever thought of something else to do with them than let them catch dust? Donating books is a great thing to do. There are so many communities that don't have the books and resources that we have. It would be a way to give back this Thanksgiving, to the people not too far away.

Why this is important

We all live in a great school district. We are fortunate enough to have the resources and books we need, and probably even some we don't need. Some schools and libraries don't have those things that we have. They are in need of books, so that their kids can learn all that we have learned. We can help with that cause! There are children in the world that can't read, or kids that are not very good at it, and we can help in our own way. You don't have to send books all the way across the world (although, that would be very helpful too!). There are communities in Texas that could use our help.

Half Pint Library and First Book

There is a book drive not to far from you. Half Price Books has a donation drive that donates books to nonprofit organizations that send them out to people and schools in need. Scan Below to learn more:

There's also an organization called Fist Book. They have already distributed over 100 million books to kids in need, with about 70,000 schools and programs. All you need to do is send a donation. Every $10 means 4 new books for kids in need!

Don't You Think....

Don't you think it would be great to show your thanks this holiday season? People who send in books for more kids to use always feel a sense of happiness. They did a small thing that makes a big difference on a child's life. More importantly, they gave the kids better literature. Students who read regularly have more of a chance of going to college, and less of a chance of dropping out of High School.

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Kids reading!