By: Kailyn Mcdowell


When I was a little kid my favorite movie was '' DOLPHIN TALE.'' I loved that movie so much I would watch it at least 5 times a day. Now my favorite animal is a Bottlenose Dolphin from this day on.

Physical Characteristics

Bottlenose Dolphin's have marvelous physical characteristics.

Bottlenose Dolphin's have a pearl blue and a soft gray , smooth , rubbery skin. First of all they have a light to slate dorsal fin with a fading pink. The scientific name of a Bottlenose dolphin is ''Tursiops''. Another characteristic trait of a Bottlenose dolphin is some sounds they make are buzzing , creaking ,and clicking sounds. Their nose have a bottle shaped feature. A Bottlenose dolphin can jump 4.9 meters from the surface of the water landing on their backs , bellies , or sides in a behavior called Breach which means ('' A leap above the surface of water''). They can swim 3 to 7 mph and can go over 20 if they work hard. I think that Bottlenose dolphins are very cool and interesting animals to learn about. To find out more go to www.Sea

Ecosystem / Habitat

The ecosystem of a Bottlenose dolphin is wonderful and has a beautiful sunset and also is a great place to visit !

I love Bottlenose dolphins and their ecosystem too! They live where it is full of water,has no trees, and not a lot of rain.Their habitat is the OCEAN.Some cool biotic factors in a ocean are fantastic fish,starling starfish,stingy stingrays,silly shellfish,sea monster seaweed,paradise plankton,secret sea urchins,crystal sea cucumbers, and last but not least sponge bob the sponge.Also, we couldn't just leave out the abiotic factors so of course some abiotic factors in the ocean are slippery sand,wavy water,surfin sand, rockin rocks,and sun beamed sun.My animal can be found in many different places including in the Temperate and Tropical waters of Pacific and Atlantic oceans.They live in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and in the Southwestern Indian Ocean.The Bottlenose dolphin has some sneaky predators which are most of all types of sharks like Bull sharks ,Nurse sharks ,Tiger sharks , Lemon sharks etc... They have a very cool ecosystem ( I would love to go there).

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Fun Facts

Did you know that Bottlenose dolphins can drown if they go into Deep Sleep?? Well i just learned that Bottlenose dolphin calfs are born tail first to prevent them from drowning. They sleep with one eye open and one eye closed because just like humans they have to go up to the surface to breathe.They can not survive in fresh water as well as they can in salt water because they are used to salt water areas so as soon as they go near the fresh water they're skin begins to peel .

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I honestly love Bottlenose dolphins because they are wonderful swimmers and exciting to learn about. If i were a dolphin trainer I would love to work there and see those amazing dolphins. I enjoyed learning and doing research about them.
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Bottlenose dolphin ( Pods )

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