BonDeCroft Lion's Roar

May 1st - May 5th

Important Events:

May 1st: School-Wide Field trip

May 4th: Spring Musical - Students participating need to arrive by 4:30. Performance at 6:00 (this is optional)

May 11th: Last day of after-school

May 17th: Kindergarten & 5th Grade Graduation (more details to follow)

May 18th: PTO Meeting @ 5:30

Please check your child's backpack each night

Visitor Lunch Cost

If you are coming to eat lunch with your child/children, visitor lunch cost is $3.50. Please have correct change because we do not keep money to make change.

BonDeCroft News

Please remember the importance of your child/children being at school each day! Make every effort to schedule appointments when school is out or in the afternoons.

The school needs documentation (parent note or doctor note) to be able to excuse absences. Please know that 3 tardies is equivalent to 1 unexcused absence. If we do not receive the required note(s), these days will remain unexcused.

Please remember that five (5) days of unexcused absences constitute truancy, and the White County School System is required by law to address truancy. You may be able to prevent a court appearance by scheduling a meeting or contacting the school to discuss what to do next.

From The Nurse:

Big picture

Menu For the Week

Menu will be added Monday morning

Title 1 Tidbits

Increase phonemic awareness

Play language games with your child.

For instance, say a word, perhaps her name, and then change it by one phoneme: Jen-Pen, Jen-Hen, Jen-Men.

PTO News:

May 18th: PTO Meeting at 5:30