Chocolate Factory

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  • Our business, Chocolate Factory, sells chocolate ice-cream with unique decorations, chocolate cake and other flavor cakes, dried fruits with chocolate, and chocolate tart.

  • Special service : when people come to our chocolate factory, people can take a picture with a sweet mascot of the factory. The mascot will give you a stamp card of factory. If people collect 10 stamps of factory, our shop will give you a lottery that might be a chance to visit the chocolate factory or chocolate boxes or coupons.

The Type of Our Business

The type of business is corporation because corporations have limited liability. The limited liability is an important part of the businesses because the businesses are including a lot of money. The advantage of this business is that businesses can grow to be very large since it is easier to raise financial capital.

the disadvantages of Our Business & Solutions

Owners have little say in the management of the corporation; however, our business will overcome those things because the owner will try to keep enough stocks and invest enormous money from personal assets.

working conditions for our employees

Our business always tries to improve a working conditions for our employees, such as clean offices, fresh environment, and health caring. We will also provide a fantastic welfare system for permanent employees. Most of all, we will try to negotiate with our employees every week through the conference of employees.

labor union

Our business's labor union form is open shop that is a company whose workers are hired without regarding to their membership in a labor union because there are many advantages that are workers can choose to join if they agree with union policies and don’t necessarily have to join and Owners can hire employees without regarding to their membership in a labor union.

responsibility to help the community

The chocolates of the chocolate factory trade with the fair trade chocolate, so workers could be justly compensated. The Chocolate Factory always tries to prevent our environment from the issue of pollution by recycling every ingredients and products. The Chocolate Factory will report the rate of every recycling. The employees of the Chocolate Factory will clean the street and mountain every month with an owner.
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