Computer Hardware

2nd year ICT

Computer hard drives

Computer hard drives, also known as HDs, are a computers main storage media. They permanently store all data on the computer. Hard drives were first introduced on September 13th 1956. They can also be called HDDs (Hard Drive Disks).


Monitors display the most-used outlet device on a computer. The display instantly provides feedback by showing you text and graphics.

Optical drives

Optical drives store and retrieve data on optical discs, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, they hold a lot more information than things like floppy discs.


CPU stands for central processing unit. The CPU carries out the instructions we give the computer, in other words it is the brain of the computer


RAM stands for random access memory, it is basically the computer's memory. If more RAM is added to the computer it means it will work a lot faster, because they load thins much faster than a floppy disc.


Many people refer to the motherboard as the back bone of the computer, this is because it is connected to all the compartments in the computer by wires. It's main function is to hold all the parts.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and outputs, are the passng over of information/data, from the computer to the outside, or the outside world to the computer. Inputs are the information from the outside world to the computer, for example what you type in to google going in to the computer. And outputs are the reply to your question, coming from the computer to the outside world. Examples of input devices are a mouse and a keyboard.

Touch screens

A touchscreen device is something you don't have to use a mouse or a keyboard with, just simply your fingers. It can be controled by detecingthe movement of your fingers on the screen.