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The first Tiffany store was established by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 in New York City. Tiffany is well known by selling 925 sterling silver jewelry and diamonds. Also, Tiffany is famous for it’s bridal engagement ring settings. Tiffany manufacture their own products in Cumberland, RI and Pelham and Mt.Vernon, NY. Their products are being sold in Tiffany stores, it is also available online at and it also can be sold exclusively at authorized retail locations. This indicate that Tiffany is using the multi-channel technique to reaches out to their clients.

As what Frederic Cumenal, the CEO of Tiffany mentioned, “sustainability is very important to us.” For example, In 2002, Tiffany had stopped to sell coral due to the coral crises. Tiffany promised to us that they will always socially and environmentally responsible to our earth.

According to the Tiffany & Co. website they have around 300 stores in the world with about 100 of them in the United States. Other than in the United States, Tiffany have stores in Austraila, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tailand, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

Tiffany protects trademark after court rules in its favor

After I read this article, I noticed there is a hidden reason why Tiffany fire a law suit against Costco Wholesale Corporation is because they want maintain their consumers confidence level. Therefore, they tried their best to protect their trademark. As Carson Glover had mentioned, "For nearly 130 years, the Tiffany setting has been soruced and manufactured to strict specifications, backed by a Tiffany lifetime guarantee." Tiffany is trying so hard to protect it's brand image and product quality and they had promised us for lifetime guarantee.

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Take Me to Your Heart by Micheal Learns


Buud'z™ Micheal learns to - take me to your heart by Buud'z™
The reason why I choose the music, video, logo and pictures are because they all have the same theme. It is all about the love, and the promise. The song "Take me to your heart" by Micheal Leans is a song that should be play during the engagement. Tiffany's emgagement ring settings will always to be present at this kinds of moment.

Tiffany In-store Display

Tiffany is using showcases display in-store. Clients can walk around the showcases and admire each piece of jewelry. At the same time, if the client wants to look at the jewelry closer, the staff will bring it out and let the client try on. This is the moment to make client's dream come true.
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