Mrs. Weegar's First Grade

Week of January 6, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break with your families! The students all seemed excited to be back at school this morning!

Library Reminder!

We go to the library each Friday at 1:15. Please help your child remember to bring their library books to school with them every Friday. They will not be allowed to check out new books unless the two books they checked out the previous week have been returned.

This week in Language Arts

-This week's word wall words are: some, could, people, so, them

The students wrote their words this morning on a large sheet of manila paper and will bring them home tonight to practice reading this week.

-The students will not have a new word sort this week. We are going to ease back into our routine this week by reviewing all of our word wall words. We will bring home word sorts next week.

-We will be learning all about compound words!

-We will be reading the book, "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel and completing listening, reading, and writing activities related to the story.

-We will be writing New Year's Resolutions today!

-We will be studying animals that hibernate, discussing what hibernation is, writing about an animal that hibernates, and creating a visual representation of this animal.

-I will be conducting our Middle of the Year Assessments this week and next week. The students will still bring home a book in their yellow folder each night, but we may not have read it together in class yet since I will be meeting with students individually each day as we do our DRA assessments.

Austin Weighty Word of the Week: Incessant-unceasing

Austin Quote of the Week: "The man that removes mountains begins by carrying away small stones." Chinese Proverb


  • Today, we played a game called "Quick Images". The students loved it! See if they can tell you about it tonight!
  • We will be working on finding and solving combinations of the number 10.
  • We will be playing a game called "Make Ten" later in the week where students will turn over two number cards and see if the two numbers can add together to make the number 10.
  • Students will be solving story problems where the sum equals ten.

Science and Social Studies

  • We are going to be discussing New Year's Resolutions today and writing our own resolutions.
  • We are going to be reading both fiction and non fiction books this week all about hibernation.
  • We will make a circle map where we list animals that hibernate.
  • We will each choose one animal that hibernates to write about and create a visual representation of.

January Citizenship Skill: Self-Control-controlling one's emotions and behavior

For Your Calendar...

-1/6-Welcome Back! Middle of the Year Assessments Begin today!

-1/10-Rise and Shine Assembly

-1/10-Mustang Mutual

-1/10-Library Books Due

-1/14-PTO Meeting 6:30pm

-1/17-Mustang Mutual

-1/17-End of the 2nd Nine Weeks

-1/17-Library Books Due

-1/20-School Holiday-no school today