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October 24, 1880 . . . . Volume MXI . . . . Karina T

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This book is set in the late nineteenth century London. It revolves around the mystery of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, from the point of view of a layer by the name of Mr. Utterson. It starts off with Mr. Enfield, a good friend of Mr. Utterson, repelling a story about Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is known for being overall rude to the citizens of London. The story tells of him trampling over a young girl, then disappearing into the "abandoned" house on the corner of the street, bringing out a check to the relatives of the girl signed by a respectable man. Upon hearing this, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield agree to not speak of it any longer, for they disapprove of gossip. Unfortunately for Mr. Utterson, he receives a will from a man named Dr. Jekyll, giving everything in his possession to the last man Mr. Utterson expected--Mr. Hyde. When strange murders crop up throughout the town, Mr. Hyde constantly being the culprit, Mr. Utterson is pulled into unraveling the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


On the day of October 18, barely a week before this day, a man by the name of Danvers Carew had been murdered. Mr. Edward Hyde, known to be a cruel and over-all unliked man was seen to commit this action. A maid servant who lived alone not far from where the crime had been committed.

"I had gone upstairs to bed about eleven. I sat upon my box, which stood immediately under the window, overlooking the city lit by the full moon. As I sat, I became aware of an aged gentleman with white hair, advancing another smaller gentleman, whom at first I paid less attention to." She had said. "When they had come within speech distance, the older man bowed and greeted the other man with politeness. I was surprised, when I recognized the shorter man he spoke to, Mr. Hyde. He had once visited my master, and I conceived a dislike for him which carries to this day. He held a cane, but never answered to the older man, and all of a sudden broke out into a flame of anger. Mr. Hyde was trampling the older man in his fury, under which the bones were audibly shattered."

The maid had fainted soon after, and the murderer was long gone by the time the police came through, though the victim lay there in the middle of the lane, incredibly mangled. The cane of said murderer had broken under the stress of this cruelty, though being made of very tough and heavy wood, half rolled into the gutter, and the other most likely still in the possession of Mr. Hyde. A purse and gold watch were found upon the victim, along with a sealed and stamped envelope, presumably en route to the post, addressed to Mr. Utterson. When asked of it, Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, declared he would not say a word till he has seen the body, deeming the case serious.


Though some houses may be unpleasant, such as the abandoned corner house, the area of London is beautiful. Cloudy days happen everyday, yet it doesn't dampen the mood of those in the fog. The people are friendly and open, other than one named Edward Hyde. This man is notorious for being overall rude to others, from trampling over people to recently committing murder. Otherwise, the streets of London have been peaceful.


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