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June 5th, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Lincicum

The end of the year always comes with some relief and some sadness but mostly the sense of accomplishment and joy. We celebrate the inches grown, the teeth lost, the new reading adventures taken and the new friends we have made. We marvel at the way our learners have GROWN. They grow into problem solvers, they grow into leaders and they grow into humans who care for and support one another.

Even though this was a not typical year and we aren't wrapping up in our typical way, we celebrate all of that growth with you. In fact, the additional challenges this spring revealed even greater accomplishments from everyone.

We are so thankful for you all. I am so honored to serve you and this community.

Our biggest hope is that we are all back together again come September. Our district is committed to opening to serve our community and our Hillcrest staff just can't wait to be with you all again.

Have a SAFE summer.

I'll see you at the parade :)


PTO Final Restaurant Night

Please join in the final drive through Restaurant Night at Portillo's in Brookfield! Please mention the flyer and Hillcrest when you order; take a picture of the flyer or the actual flyer with you!
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A Message from Mrs. Runingen

Mrs. Runingen recorded this good-bye video for everyone.

Student Supply Pick Up

If you were not able to pick up your child's belongings during the pick up days, please reach out to Mrs. Perez to arrange a pick up time. All supplies not picked up by the end of the day on Thursday, June 11th will be discarded.

Racism and Civil Rights Resources

A lot has happened in our community, in our country, in our world in the past week. Typically, these types of complex, challenging conversations would be ones we have with students at school in their classroom communities. As that is not a possibility at the moment, we know that the responsibility for discussing issues of racism and civil disobedience are falling mainly on families. We want to provide you with resources for beginning or continuing these conversations with your children. CNN will also be hosting a Sesame Street town hall on Saturday morning at 9 AM to talk to children and their families about racism.

Click HERE to access additional resources.

As always, the student services team is available as a resource to help students and families. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sarah Brilliant, school psychologist: sbrilliant@waukesha.k12.wi.us (262-970-1544)

Heidi Edwards, guidance counselor: hedwardds@waukesha.k12.wi.us (262-970-1923)

iPad Housekeeping

At this time of year, we begin the process of archiving student work on the iPad and preparing the devices for the end of the year. We will send more information next week about the tools available for the summer but here are a few items to take a look at right now.

* Go through the Webex spaces and messages your child has been having. These spaces are meant for school conversations and it is important that you are aware of who your child is communicating with. Continue to monitor the conversations they are having. Go through Gmail for the same purpose and feel free to delete anything that doesn't relate to a current assignment or upcoming tasks. Webex will be turned off for the summer on June 9th.

* Go through the camera roll and delete any photos, videos and screenshots that aren't related to school assignments. Students take a lot of selfies. If anything needs to be saved for school purposes, it can be uploaded into Drive. If there are personal photos on the device, please send them to a personal device or a personal photo storage system.

* Go through Book Creator to clean up files that aren't assignments and upload any assignments to keep into Drive.

iPads will not be returned to school. Students won't be receiving additional assignments or communication from teachers after June 9th. If you are moving over the summer and no longer attending Hillcrest, please arrange to return the iPad and charger to our office. Tech support is available all summer for iPad use as it relates to our technology tools.

Thank you for your help with this. We usually walk students through this process at the end of the year. The additional pictures and documents take up memory and may prevent updates and additional apps from being downloaded in the future. And, we want to make sure parents are monitoring the conversations between students to ensure safety.

Public Library Reading Program

Beginning June 15, children, teens, and adults can register for this year’s summer reading program using the Beanstack app or web platform, and track their reading throughout the summer. We’ll communicate through the summer, as well, about our virtual programming and any programming that may take place at the library later in the summer.

HERE is a link to the summer program flyer. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Public Library if you have any questions!

And, HERE is a video with additional information from the library.

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2nd and 3rd Grade Concert Link

Waukesha Sings Pictures

If you participated in the Waukesha Sings event, check out this folder for pictures!

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