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Inspiration Hour

Students have been busy writing proposals, determining their product, researching, developing material lists, seeking out experts in the field, building models or prototypes and just running with the project idea. It is great to have students excited and talking all at once about something they are passionate about.

The following is an example of some of the types of projects students will be presenting:

Stop Motion Video

Websites about Plastic and Recycling

Makerspace Projects using recyclable materials

Public Service Announcements

Creation of Flyers and Posters involving asking permission to post in various community places

Conducting Interviews

Building of Interactive Recycling Bins

Teaching a craft project to younger students

Building a Plastic Water Bottle Greenhouse

Creating videos

Writing a Story and Collaborating with an Illustrator

Many students have gone beyond their comfort zone to try something they have not done before like presenting in front of a group of peers or leading a STEM project for younger students or trying to build something that they have no idea of how it works. This is all part of developing communication skills, critical thinking skills, citizenship,oral communication and presentation skills as well as collaborating with a partner or the group as a whole. They are feeling empowered! Final projects are due January 22nd.

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Postcards to Curiousity!

Following up on our STEM assembly on November 27th, students were able to send a postcard to Curiosity Rover through the NASA website. However, this writing prompt came with a catch - you could only use 200 characters to send your regards! Just like the infographic assignment, the students needed to choose their words carefully. Being the problem-solvers that they are, some students resorted to using texting slang to keep from using up their characters!
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Upcoming Events

January 3: Return to School from Winter Break

January 15: Special Guest Speaker from Carter and Burton @ Cooley

February 5: Rescheduled Field Trip to Fairfax Science Center Lab

Student-led Conferences: TBD