Ms. McSorley's News

December 14 - December 18

Important Dates & Friendly Reminders

  • Tuesday, December 15: Family Fitness Night 6:30
  • Tuesday, December 22: Gingerbread house items due
  • Wednesday, December 23: Last day of school before break

We will build gingerbread houses next week on Tuesday, December 22. Your child brought home a letter on green paper with more details, including which item they should bring. Please let me know if you are unable to find the letter and I will send a new one home. It is important that everyone brings the requested item in order for us to have enough materials. Additional items are welcomed!

Please be sure that your child is reading at least 15 minutes each night. If you need more fish scales, let me know!

STEM Bags:

If your child comes home with a STEM bag on Friday and you are unable to complete the task, please return the bag immediately. Students should return the bags by the following Friday regardless of whether or not their project is complete. In keeping the bag, another child is denied the opportunity to complete a project. Thank you for your understanding.


In reading, we will continue to focus on inferring while we read. We are learning to put together the ideas we already know with ideas from the story to make new ideas. We will also spend time reviewing the strategy of synthesizing.

Our spelling list this week will include words from the -ick and -ack word families. They are as follows:

  1. back
  2. kick
  3. pick
  4. sack
  5. tack
  6. as
  7. boy
  8. snack
  9. tank
  10. +1 personal word to be decided as a class on Monday morning

In Writer's Workshop, our focus remains on organization. We are working on deciding the order in which our story makes the most sense. We will also be introduced to main idea and details as a way to ensure that our story makes sense.


We will finish our study of geometry. As we master and feel confident in identifying plane (2D) shapes, we will be introduced to solid (3D) shapes. Students will learn how to describe solid shapes by their attributes such as the number of faces and corners.

Challenge your child to find certain shapes around the house. We found squares and circles easily around our classroom. We noticed that we didn't have many triangles and that hexagons, trapezoids, and octagons were down right impossible to find!

Donors Choose Update

Our Donors Choose project has been fully funded! Our materials will be ordered on January 3, after the holiday rush.

The students are excited and have asked me several times why we have to wait until January. As we continue on our learning journey without (most) our desks, I will be sure to keep you updated. As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have slowly started getting used to choosing a space in the room that best fits our learning needs. It has been quite the adventure and I am eager to see where it takes us the rest of the year!