Beowulf Hero or Not?

By: Gregory Harrell

Who is Beowulf?

Beowulf is a epic hero, he is a ordinary man with a stronger than life mind, soul, and body. He is a ordinary man but he is stronger than any man in the world, he is loved by everyone, He fights battles looking for no reward or recognition for any good virtues he does.

Beowulf's enemies


His #1 enemy name was Grendel . Grendel was a evil, angry demon from hell who wanted to take out Beowulf and Hrothgar men . He was big green, tall, angry, and a demon. Grendel killed one of Beowulf men which led to the battle between Beowulf and Grendel.

One reason people say Beowulf is not a Hero

Beowulf first battle was against Grendel. The reason for this battle was that Grendel attacked Beowulf and his men. People are saying Beowulf is not a hero because he laid there watching Grendel tearing one of his men apart right in front of his eyes but once Grendel tried to harm another one of Beowulf men that's when Beowulf took action. People are saying that he was not showing hero like virtues while he watched one of his men be ripped apart right in front of his face.

Beowulf reaction after Grendel did what he did

After Grendel took out one of Beowulf men that's when the battle between Grendel and Beowulf took place as soon as Grendel tried to attack Beowulf none of his scene's or tricks would work against the great and mighty Beowulf. Grendel tried everything in his body and power to take out Beowulf but nothing would seem to work but in result Beowulf strike was harder and more powerful then Grendel than that's when the result was in victory of Beowulf.
beowulf vs Grendel

Reason And Battle why Beowulf is a Hero

After the long hard fight against Grendel there was word going back saying the victory side was rewarded to Beowulf and Grendel mother over heard someone near the seas where she lays over heard it and was immediately after Beowulf for revenge and for the death of her son Grendel. So Beowulf hears the offer she is putting up for the revenge of her son and he takes it because other wise his men would be in danger because she would attack them until she got to Beowulf. Grendel's mother gave Beowulf what he call's the best fight of his life. Beowulf tried to use any weapon he could to defeat her but every time he struck her with a weapon it would not work. But as the hero he is he would not give up he jumped back into the water where she was awaiting the approach again he fought her with his bare hands and ended up victorious once again from a major blow with the incredible strength he has. So now Beowulf has defeated both Grendel and Grendel's mother, Beowulf said , "If weapons were useless he'd use his hands as weapons, the strength in his fingers was enough." ( PAGE 54). I say he is a hero because most people who want to be a hero would not put in the extra work to become a hero and that's what Beowulf did even though he couldn't use any weapon against his opponent that didn't stop him from battling for the safety of the people.

Fight against Grendel's mother

Grendel mother was as twice strong as Beowulf and Grendel together the difference between Grendel and his mother is that Grendel is a demon from hell, his mother is a scary creature from the deep blue sea. She wanted to fight against Beowulf as soon as she got the news that he defeated her son that she raised to be unstoppable and ready for anything challenge that comes his way. Beowulf accepted her challenge to dual against him so he came to her where she was in the deep, misty, dark,gloomy blue sea and soon as she rose from the water is when the battle began. Beowulf struck her with his powerful sword from the god's above, he hit her tackled her and tried to throw her around but she was just to tough for anything Beowulf sent her way. She throw Beowulf around like a rag doll but as soon as she knocked weapons out of Beowulf hands and threw him onto the dry land he took a second break looked at this monster leaped back into the water until he came out victorious which he did he struck her on the head multiple times and eventually triggered something and brought her down and there is was Beowulf once again a hero defeats Grendel and his mother.

Beowulfs Last Battle

The Dragon

His final fight was against the fire breathing dragon from the deep layers. He said in line 625-630 that it did not matter if he won or lose nobody could do what Beowulf did for his people win/ or lose of the battle he will still be remembered even if this is his last battle. He took his time to recover from the hard battle against Grendel's mother, he was ready for his last victory for the rest of his life. One of the best victory that will show people he didn't win these battles for gold,silver, or fame he did it to be a hero and protect his people. As he strapped up for his last battle his people told Beowulf no matter what happen against this beast this dragon, he will always be there hero. So his people and the king where he lay threw him a victory party or so called dinner to recognize the virtues of this heroic hero. So later that day was the battle against the dragon he went to the dragons cave and looked the monster in the eyes and attacked soon as the dragon made any sudden movement he struck him with his gold plated helmet and with his freshly sharpened blade but the dragon was too strong and he struck Beowulf when he wasn't paying attention and cut Beowulf somewhere near his heart. So Beowulf with his last movement hopped on the dragons back and struck the dragon with his Iron dagger and took the dragon down and finally Beowulf was once again victorious but this time but not like others he was hit and was bleeding out.

Beowulf final moments

Beowulf had a strong heroic lifetime he didn't want to go out like this but its better to go out a winner and not a loser. Before he died he wanted to see Grendel's arm before he died and wanted one of his closest men to go grab the gold, silver,and Jews he got when he defeated the dragon, and he left all his heroic belongings with his nephew. He is a hero because during all of his lifetime he never thought of just himself he was more worried about his people being safe rather than be selfish and just worry about his self he put his life on the line for his people. Not even looking for pleasure so yes he is a hero to me.
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