Summer Plans

by Jaden Cameron


I hope to visit my cousins again in their house at Kansas. I had a lot of fun their last summer with the go-carts, their dog, the Nerf war, movie night,and the malts.

Video games

I plan to play Xbox, my DSI , my tablet, and on the computer this summer. Don't worry I'll be outside too. I will just even out my time.

Online Gaming

I most likely will hang out with friends this summer. We might play minecraft online so we can just sit down at home and still play the game.


My mom plans to teach me how to mow the lawn this summer(so she doesn't have to). Then I might start a mowing service around my neighborhood, so I can make some money.


My grandma and grandpa owns a pool that we swim in every year. We like to have a BBQ with a pool party all the time. We invite allot of my cousins to have the party.


I might get to clean offices with my grandma and grandpa to make some money. They clean offices, houses, help at the mall, and I don't remember were grandpa works, but I would just help them at the cleaning part.

(only if interested)