Night Of The Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


The Main character is Dan Hatch the other characters are Mom, Dad, Ryan, Mrs. Smiley, Kelly, Stacey and Arthur are most of the characters.

These are some Big problems and solutions in the book

One of the problems is when Dan Hatch, Arthur and Ryan are in Dan's house home alone and a tornado hits the house. The solution is to wait for the twister to pass and go find the others. Another Problem is when officer Kelly got glass in his eyes and could barley see. The solution is for Dan Hatch to drive to the headquarters of police.


When the first tornado hits Arthur is at Dan Hatch's house with Dan, Ryan And Arthur. Home alone at the end of the tornado Stacey was out looking for Arthur and found him. After that they went to go look for Dan's mom at Mrs. Smiley's place. They found mom there and they gave Ryan to Dan's mom and Dan's mom went to the bus on (Fonta way drive). While Dan, Stacey and Arthur were looking for Mrs. Smiley. Before they found her she was snoring threw the storm. They got picked up by a police officer to go to kmart but before they got there another tornado hit them and Kelly (the police officer) got glass in his eyes so Dan Hatch had to drive to the police headquarters. The next day Dan left police headquarters to go and find his family so the police officer who was driving him there had to drop him of because of some debris when he got there it was evacuated and they all went to different places. Dan was so mad, after that he just sat on the curb just when he was about to cry he heard what sounded like his dad's truck so he waited and saw his parents and Ryan they were finally all together. The next chapter is when a year has past his neighborhood is like a trailer park he has a big party tonight for surviving the tornadoes and for the ones who did not like his cat.

I hope you like the book


The Setting is in Grand Island Nebraska

1. One tornado was 6 miles long in Nebraska.

2. There were two tornadoes that went the opposite direction that they normally do.

3. There were Seven tornadoes in the state Nebraska that day.

This is Talking about the location of Nebraska

Nebraska is in the United States Of America if you look at the map it is surrounded by South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.You will also find it above Kansas below South Dakota and beside Wyoming and Iowa.

One of the settings

Tuesday, June 3rd 1980 at 8pm

Grand Island, NE, United States

Grand Island, NE