Earths Magnetic Field

Lessons on Earths Magnetic Field and what it does.

Learning about your planets Magnetic Field.

During this PSAP (Public Service Announcement Poster) You will be learning about and studying your Earth's Magnetic Field. Ready to learn about it? Look down below and you will learn everything about your Planet's Magnetic Field.

Studying your Planet's Magnetic Field.

Your Earth's Magnetic Field is what keeps you alive. How that is, is that when the sun sends out charged harmful particles out to Mercury, Venus, and Earth. The charged particles hit Earths Magnetic Field, and ends up going Around the Magnetic Field. Only a few Of the charged particles pass through the Magnetic Field. What you see in the sky in the Northern and Southern hemispheres are the charged particles passing through the Magnetic Field, those "Light shows" are the charged particles Can you believe that?

Magnetic Field coming to an end.

The Magnetic Field is one of the most important things that is important to your survival on Earth. Why did I say coming to an end? Because scientist are saying how the Magnetic Field is unstable and could one day, just give up. When do we know when? We don't. Just keep in mind that one of the MAIN reasons that you are still alive, is because of your Magnetic Field.