Blended Family

By Olivia Field

blended family means

a family that includes children from a previous marriage of the wife, husband, or both parents

struggles for blended family

  1. fighting with children
  2. acting out and offending behavior from children
  3. miscommunication or no communication

benefits of blended family

  1. happier parents
  2. more relatives and siblings
  3. increased role models
  4. more kids to play with

type of a blended family

a family composed of a couple and their children from previous marriages.
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Characteristics of the family

A blended family is often large.

stepmom and dad

step brother and sisters

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responsibilities of a family members

he members of a family all have duties and responsibilities towards one another and to the family as a whole, and these duties and responsibilities vary from member to member because of their natural relationships.
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effects on a blended family

angry at step parents or brothers and sisters

some like having a big family

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what resources

church or youth group

and support group

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