SO Informational Flyer Joachim


3 ways to be safe while cleaning are...
  • wear gloves
  • wash hands after cleaning
  • Don't leave chords where someone can trip

Cleaning Schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is it is a way to demonstrate an equipment and areas are cleaned by following days or times.

Cleaning Products

3 cleaning products we use are...
  • window cleaner
  • sanitizer
  • polish



Wet mop: used for the floor with water

Dust mop: used for the floor to pick up Dirt


The two ways we cleaning windows are...

with window cleaner and a yellow Rag


3 items that we Sanitize in the Hospital Room are...

the table, remote, and the lamp

Bed Changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is to keep the Patients hygiene and health clean.

4 techniques to sanitary bed changing are...

wash hands, wear gloves, and roll the bed sheets.

You can't shake the bed sheet, because you will get germs.

You must wash your hands again before and after