Mrs. Noynaert's Kindergarten Class

Week of September 7, 2015

This Week in Room 508

We had another great week at school! I have already seen the kiddos grow so much in just a few short weeks, and I can't wait to watch them bloom throughout the year! It is truly a blessing to have them in my class this year!

Readers' Workshop: Last week we discussed what it means to "treasure" books: the difference between paper and hardback books, how to carry them, how to turn the pages, where to keep them, etc. This week we will continue discussing how books work and how we can use the illustrations to help us make meaning.

Writers' Workshop: We are continuing to learning the expectations of Writers' Workshop, and this week we will learn how to use specific tools to help us become better writers.

Math Stations: We worked on subtilizing (instantly recognizing a number of items in a small set without counting) numbers 1-3 this week. We also continued to explore the various math manipulatives we will be using throughout the year.

Science: We continued discovering what a scientist is and what they do.


*Please sign and return the red folder every day. This is our main form of communication!

*Please send a snack with your child every day. Please do not send the snack in your child's lunchbox. It needs to be something quick and easy to open.

*Please send a water bottle to school with your child labeled with his/her name. The bottles may be left at school until Friday or taken home each day. Please DO NOT send juice or Gatorade!

*The "Things I Can Write About" page is due tomorrow.

*Please send a family picture if you have not sent one yet. They will be returned at the end of the year.


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