IDEAL Science Scope

Who solves mysteries involving electricity? Sherlock Ohms

Springing Ahead in Science!

It is spring! The bees are buzzing, the rain is falling, and summer is just around the corner!

We are wrapping up a few topics in IMS and have begun the homestretch in science this school year.

Sixth grade is working on a unit titled, "Earth's Waters" which is about the freshwater and saltwater that exists on earth, as well as the properties of water and the interactions between the environment and organisms!

Seventh grade is finishing up their Forces unit by blasting off water bottle rockets this month! We will also be diving into electricity and magnetism as we explore the way that people power their lives!

Eighth grade students are finishing up the last units on the human body, by focusing on the reproductive and endocrine systems! Students will carefully carry their egg babies in homemade carriers during the third week of April.

Finally, fifth grade will be wrapping up the school year in May with a unit on the forms of energy. We will explore the twists and turns of roller coasters and learn how energy is transferred from one form to another!

6th Grade Science

Students in sixth grade developed projects from another time!

Each group was responsible for developing a time-traveling vacation package to a specific era in time. Each group discussed the major geologic events, the animal life, the plant life and the major climate of the time period.

Groups also added fun elements to their presentations, like commercials, jingles and brochures! Check out some of the presentations above!

7th Grade

8th Grade

Students in eighth grade have been developing poster presentations about the nervous system. Each group had a focus to research. For example, one group researched how the sense of smell works, while another group focused on the central part of the nervous system- the brain! Students will be presenting their posters to the class soon!