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January 2016 Newsletter

Meningitis Vaccine

If your child is at least 16 it is time for their meningitis vaccination. If they will be a senior next year, it is required. Please give the document of the vaccine to the school nurse.


Cindy Spangler

P: (317) 838-3626


There is an old Chinese saying: “If we don’t change our direction, we are likely to wind up where we are headed.” How simple and honest is that? Well, it’s already a new year! A good time to make a change.

Here’s an easy change that can make an impact in four areas of our own lives. When we go out to eat, let’s take our own containers to use as doggie bags. There is no legitimate reason not to. Here’s how it will help:

  1. We split our huge plate of food in half decreasing calorie, fat, and sugar intake.
  2. Supplies us with another meal to have at home, saving money and time.
  3. Decreases trash in the environment by using our own reusable container.
  4. Multiplies the benefits when the people at nearby tables and your server see what you did and do it themselves the next time they go out.

Have a very Happy New Year!!

Deborah Draper, RN, MSN

P: (317) 837-7244

PHS Health Services Website

To report an absence, please call Student Services at (317) 838-3630.

Notes from the Treasurer

Final book rental payments are due by January 29.

If your student needs to replace items for their tablet, PHS has the following supplies available for purchase.

Available in the Treasurer's Office:

  • Stylus: $20

  • Charger: $17.19

  • Case: $16.21

Available in the Quaker Corner Bookstore:

  • Stylus Batteries: 2 for $1.00
E-Funds Online Payment Center

For Textbook Rental Fees, Lunch Payments, and Student Activities.


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Guidance Story

Guidance Story

College & Career Advisor

Allison Spillane
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Media Center

Lael DuBois, Media Specialist

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Plainfield High School vs Avon High School

Reading Challenge 2016

It is time to announce the tenth annual Plainfield/Avon Reading Challenge. This is a contest between Plainfield High School and Avon High School. The Reading Challenge is sponsored by both Media Centers. This is a contest to see which school can read the most pages in a three to four week time frame. Students may read books, magazines, or newspapers – as long as it is not for a class assignment. Students will then need to show a staff member what they have read and answer a few questions. More information will be shared with students through announcements in late January.

2015 Winner - Plainfield High School


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2015-16 Online Consent Forms

To complete your 2015-16 Athletic Sports Physical please go to the following link...

2015-16 Online Consent Forms

2015-2016 All Sports Passes

Get your 2015-16 passes in the Athletic Office from 7am-4pm. Prices are as follows...

Family Pass (2 adults and 2 kids) - $125
*Additional Child - $10 each
Adult Pass - $55
Student Pass- $25
Senior Citizen Pass - $25
10 for $10 K-5 Pass also available