My life this semester .

How i grew as a student this semester .

Growth .

I grew a lot as a student this semester because i interviewed to avid . And i was so happy to get my letter to see if i made it or not . And now that i'm in avid it has been my habit to be keeping my binder organized and keeping my grades up . I have up proved from last year with my grades and organization .

Trf / Tutoring .

Avid is a really helpful class because it has helped me with math . I had a really bad problem in math because i picked a pre - ap class and the year before that i did regular . So we started doing trf in our class and whenever i had a question i could just ask my group and they showed me how to get the answer , instead of telling me .
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Homework .

We don't usually have a lot of homework the only homework we have is to do the trf and we do that every Monday and Wednesday . We just started doing these learning logs and we write about what we learned . And its about how avid helped you with the lesson you learned in your class . We also have a few binder checks to see if we keep our binder in place and have everything we need for our classes .

Organizing binder .

It doesn't take that long just to organize your binder all you gotta do is keep it clean and now since i have been into avid its easy to keep your stuff organized and clean . If you put the papers where they are supposed to go , there you go you got a clean binder but in 5th grade my binder looked a total mess . there where papers falling out and i would lose my homework . But now my binder is so organized there is nothing falling out . My mom also bought me an a hole puncher so when i go home i just hole punch my papers and put them where they belong .
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Avid .

I am so happy for getting into avid i was so scared i couldn't get in at the interview we had . I was so happy when i got the letter , but i heard it was going be a challenging class . And we needed to have a binder with a lot of supplies in it to help you in your classes . Avid has helped me with getting my grades up high and keep them high and not let them drop , by asking for help from my teacher .
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James Coble .

James coble is a really good and fun middle school , we get along together and we have fun as a team in sports . We would help each other if we fall down . And i am happy to have Avid this year , i wish it would come out in intermediate school . And my teachers have helped me a lot this year . They have helped me with anything thing i need and what i have trouble with . I'm happy i choose to go to James coble , cause i have learned a lot in a little bit of time this semester .
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