Welcome to our Winter II Session

Swimming Lessons from January 26th - March 27th 2020

Happy New Year! Everyone will need to sign the Agreement Form for the New Year!

Registration Information

Welcome! You have been signed up for our Winter II Session of swimming lessons. Click here to see this session's schedule.

Please see "MyProcare" below for your enrollment information including the day and time of your lesson. Payments and/or Groupons must be submitted by Friday, January 24th. To complete your registration, you must submit the following forms at the start of the lesson. You may do so electronically by downloading the form below or you can come early the first day to complete. (If you complete it early, please email to Kelly@westfieldchildcenter.com.

  • Registration Form (Download Below)
  • Annual Waiver Form (Download Below)
  • Annual Agreement Form (Download Below)

Text Messaging

We offer text messaging for both cancellations and special offers! These are separate sign ups so please see below for more information.

  1. Would you like to receive text messages from our system if there is ever a cancellation? If so please complete this form so that we can enter you into our system. You can also now update your contact information in MyProcare.
  2. Would you like to receive text messages when we offer campaigns or discounted lessons? (Example: On Black Friday we sent out texts for 20% off the next session) If so, text "START" to (508) 266-5495 to be added to our campaign list.

What can I expect?

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first lesson to complete the setup for the new check in station! See below for details.

  • MyProcare: MyProcare is available to you online. This is where you can make payments and see your child's schedule. Please see the next section for how to log in and view your account!

  • Check In Station: When you enter the building we have a check in station for you to sign into. We will be setting you up by your fingerprint or an id number connected to MyProcare. You will be able to view your child's schedule and any missed/makeup classes as well as make payments and see important messages.

  • Level Cards: We have laminated cards for different levels to motivate and challenge your children. These will be hung up in the pool area for you to stay updated on their progress and see what skills they are working on. It is also the same skills that will be listed on their certificate at the end of the session.

  • Lesson Time: Because we want your children to get as much time in the pool as possible, we will be trying to limit the time the instructors spend out of the water getting everyone ready for lessons. Once you enter the pool and check in, please have your child shower off and sit at the table or by the edge of the pool. The instructors will greet your children here to begin their lesson. Please remember that, at no time, should your child being playing in the pool or walking around the pool deck when it is not their lesson time.

  • Arriving Late: Please try to arrive early or on time for every lesson. If you arrive late to your lesson, it is you and your child's responsibility to take a shower, get a bubble and join the group. Our instructors can not get out of the water once the lesson has started. It is also important that you walk your child over to their instructor and not have them swim over for safety purposes.

  • Bathrooms: We do not have locker rooms but we do have bathrooms down the hall with stalls to use or change in. We understand we need more space for swimmers and are looking into this. We do share this space with school age and ask that you do not close the doors of the bathroom that lead into the hallway during the weekdays.

  • Parking: Parking directly outside of the pool is NOT allowed. This is for active pick up and drop off only. We have over 200 children at our facility and these spaces need to be available for active pick up, buses and emergency vehicles.

  • Cancelled Lessons: We do not make up lessons that you cancel or do not show up for. If we offer makeup days, you may be allowed to makeup one missed class. However, if we cancel a class, those will be credited or made up at a later date. Our pool is used frequently by young children. If there is a chemical imbalance or a child has an accident we will take all safety precautions by the Board of Health to ensure the pool is safe for all swimmers.

  • Instructors: We understand your desire to have a consistent instructor and therefore try to keep the instructor the same each week. However, we can not guarantee this and our instructors may vary. Many of our instructors are involved in many activities and scheduling can be difficult. We will always try our best to keep it as consistent as possible.

Online Payments & Scheduling

Now you can log into your account on MyProcare and see your schedule, balance, notes and edit your contact information.

MyProcare is safe, secure and created with your convenience in mind.

Log in today!

1. Go to MyProcare.com.

2. Enter your email address (the email you have on file with Westfield Child Center) and

choose Go.

3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, choose a password, and press Go.

4. Then you may:

a. View your child’s schedule, time card, and more.

b. Use the Pay button to make a payment with your card.

If you have any problems or have questions, please contact Kelly@westfieldchildcenter.com

What happens if I miss a class?

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: You are allowed one makeup class per session. Makeups are scheduled for other days when you do not have scheduled lessons and must be scheduled with Kelly in advance. Drop in classes are not permitted.

If your child's class is cancelled due to thunderstorms or other reasons we will send you a text/email and this class will be rescheduled at a later date. You MUST schedule everything with Kelly. Instructors cannot be responsible for scheduling or relaying messages.

Need to Contact Kelly?

Sometimes, it may take me a while to return calls at the center due to the overwhelming calls we receive. I always try to return all calls in a timely manner. You can also leave me a voicemail or text on my cell at 774-234-SWIM(7946) to be sure I receive your message. I also respond to emails at kelly@westfieldchildcenter.com