The Aegean Sea

By: Nicholas Bohlke, hr-2

Physical Characteristics

The Aegean Sea is located between the Greek and Anatolian Peninsulas, or between the mainlands of Greece and Turkey. Its maximum depth is 3,543 metres (11,624 ft) and has a total area of about 214,000 km2(83,000 miles2). The animal life in this sea is very unique, you can see anything from parrot fish to rays and other cool little fish and crustaceans. You could also find dolphins, seals, turtles, an array of sponges and urchins, and squids and octopi. The climate here is very drastic, it really only has two seasons, summer and winter. The spring and fall seasons are relatively short, but right at the end of the summer, high winds come in from the north.

Human Charateristics

In the past, the people of the Aegean region spoke the Lemnian language, and most of their religion was Greek before and now it is still a Greek region. the regions economic activities before in the 1970s and late 90s were faced more toward Turkey and sovereignty from them. Now its turned more toward air space rights and territorial waterways. The political system used to be full of kings and gods, but now it is more like a democracy. Population distribution in the western region is 9.5 million people, long ago it wasn't anywhere close to that because of the advances in medicine and other necessities not available to them long ago.

Long ago in the dark age, there was empires and large cities built along the shore lines and streams and rivers. They were commonly ransacked and abandoned because of the raids and most still stand today. Now, some cities are still lined along the shore line of the sea, and many have been inhabited for thousands of years. They had traders and travelers who, with the right equipment, helped them create temples and other structures. But because of the Dinaric Alps and the other mountain ranges that run through Greece, there isn't much for farming practices. Just recently, there was a discovery of natural resources just outside of the sea. This discovery was of untapped oil and natural gas reserves. This find could possibly be worth billions of dollars.


The connection between the human and physical geography is that most people have to live along the coast line instead of inland more, this is because of the mountain ranges all throughout Greece and Turkey. The Aegean Sea has affected everybody close to it because it almost forces you to use it as transportation and has provided fresh fish for those living near and far for thousands of years. And Turkies third largest city is on the eastern coast.