The Patriot Periodical

Volume 17 ~ 4.8.16

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Shout outs

Awesome work Mr. Waugh for the work for jump rope for health and the donation to the humane society!

Woo Hoo Ed & Kim for all of their hard work with the parent volunteer tea! TY to everyone who brought in food :)

Excellent job Mr. Lindner with PARCC testing. This has been a very long week of library time for you, we appreciate all of it!

Drill Review

Today we had a chilly (but quick) fire drill and reverse evacuation. As a result, we have some reflections:

1. Make sure if you are out of the building, your sub has the emergency binder with his/her sub plans.

2. Please be sure that your PVE Phone Extension list is current and posted right beside your classroom phone.

3. Whenever we have a shelter in place drill, we are going to ask teachers to text or email Tina with info. (we know some of you may not be near a computer, so text is fine too). You should send if you are OKAY, have kids or are missing kids. Also, if you have another adult in your room send this too.

4. In order to text you must have the cell phone list. It's a good idea to have Tina and me already in your phone. Be SURE to have a cell phone contact list in your sub plan folder and a copy in your emergency binder, just in case ;)

Please be current on the expectations for other drill just never know when another drill might lock you down!

PVE 24 Game Tournament

Our 24 game tournament will happen at school next week. We have 11 players from our school who will compete against one another. The tournament will be held in the cafe at 12:30 on Friday! 5th, 4th and 3rd grade students are invited to attend with teacher approval. Teachers, this can be an incentive / class reward if you would like! Please just send me an email with the names of the students who will attend. If you aren't sending an entire class, please coordinate with your team mate about who will come with students and who will stay in the classroom!

Book Fair

The book fair will be held in the Maker Space this spring. This is the easiest solution because of testing! Parents are setting up next Wednesday for the fair. Ms. Snyder will be sending more specifics out soon. Please see her if you have any q's!

Universal Design for Learning

You have all heard me refer to Universal Design for Learning. CAST has updated some resources for teachers. Here is the website to CAST. Please take some time to check out their awesome resources. I have also put The Top 10 UDL Tips in your mailbox, for your reading pleasure!

Standards Based Report Cards

We will be looking at the standards based report cards closely as a building. Joy will be leading a collaborative teaming session this spring and over the summer (dates TBA). Our goal will be to familiarize ourselves with the history of the SBRC, the implications for school and home and a plan to create continuity within the building. Ultimately, we will have an instructional evening next fall for families.

Check out the WCPS site here!

Bus Evacuation

Tuesday morning we will have our spring school bus evacuation in the morning!

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Collaborative Curriculum Brainstorming With SBS

Thursday, April 14th, 3pm

Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Knoxville, MD, United States

Knoxville, MD

NOTE: Please sign up in the lounge (list on the fridge) to bring a green treat to this PD!

Please join us at PVE in the library for collaborative curriculum brainstorming at SBE!

To register for the PD, teachers will need to do the following. This is how we will take attendance and teachers will get paid. Here are the directions:

1. On the employee portal go to WCPS Professional Development

2. Once there go to WCPS Professional Learning

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Link to ERO"

4. Enter your ID# 5________ and PIN (this is the same number teachers use with the substitute system)

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions

6. Go to course catalog

7. Once there click on "View Schedule Calendar"

8. Once the calendar appears, click on Feb. 11

9. This will take them to all of the courses available on the 11th. Click view on "Sharpsburg/Pleasant Valley Collaborative Planning"

10. Click on register--they will be registered automatically.

Have an awesome weekend!