Misereor Hunger Cloth From Haiti


The cloth from Haiti is very colourful. There is a lot going in the painting. In the middle of the painting is Jesus representing life. In the bottom of the painting there is lots of chaos going on which I think represents hell. I think this because there is war going on in the painting and also lots of people in the sea trying to get out and no-one is helping each other. I also think this because it is very dark and everyone looks unhappy. At the top of the photo I think it represents heaven. I think this because it is sunny and bright and also everyone is getting along and happy. I also think this is heaven because there is bible reading going on and everything is calm.

Key parts in the hungar cloth is the man on the tree- symbolizing life. The people scrambling out of water is a key part of the painting because it is showing that people aren't helping each other and life is bad- I think symbolizing hell. The people eating at the top of the photo is a main part of the painting because they are getting along and share- symbolizing heaven. In conclusion I think that it is telling you that hell is a bad place and you shouldn't do bad thing and heaven is a good please and you should do things to help people and you will get rewarded.