T-Model Ford

Get Places Faster Than a Horse


Henry Ford aided in the production of the Model T Ford. His genius was a driving force behind it's ingenious production and revolutionary design. In his youth, Henry Ford was good with machines off of the bat, disassembling and reassembling a pocket watch his father gave him and growing famous in his small town. No one else has tried to take ownership of this product as Henry Ford was the soul owner.


Henry Ford made this product to revolutionize the way people travel. This came about because Henry Ford wanted to make a product that would make him famous and rich. It, and it's successors, have always had no other purpose than for transport. The invention was so amazing that it has actually managed to make it to the current times. The materials and design have become warped over time but it's the same basic principle. The car made travel on land a very viable option where as before all travel was mainly on water.


The first Ford Model T was made in the Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit. Since it's conception, the automobile has been widely used by all cultures and different businesses have claimed market share of the product and it is one of the most thriving businesses to date.Development of a model t went from a 12 hour process to a 2.5 hour process.


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