Sparkling Stars Team

May Newsletter

Beat Your Personal Best Month Challenge!

May is a perfect time to make your business blossom alongside everything else beautiful that grows! Do yourself a huge favor and set out to beat your personal best this month! You'll need to set a specific goal. Go to the lounge, select reports, go to my history and then click to view your month and year to view the dashboard. Here are some sample goals you can tweak to make your own:

A) I want to qualify this month which would be better than my ----- month

B) I want to hold # trunk shows this month, which would be better than my -----month

C) I want to sponsor # stylists this month, which would be better than my ----- month

D) I want to sell more pqv than I did in ----- month which was #

E) I want to promote my pay rank to ----- from -----.

Say it loud and proud on our Sparkling Stars Facebook page OR message me. You'll receive a $5 Starbucks card just for stating your goal to meet your personal best!

All who beat their personal best in May will be entered in a drawing to receive a $75 gift card to the spa of their choice! Plus, we'll have a team goal to beat our personal best as a team: Together we sold $12,949 in March. Our goal is to beat that this month! If we do, all who play their part will receive a gift from me!

TWO things needed: Send me your Star Of the Week response and don't forget to post your May goal on our team page OR send it to me!