digital citizenship

hour 4 kevin sanchez mrs. lentz

online safety

Three things I want someone to know about online safety. One thing would be do not accept all friend request that you receive. The reason is because you never know you are making friends with. For example you might be accepting a friend request from a pedophile without even knowing. Another thing that you have to keep in mind about online safety is that you should be careful about what you post on the internet. One little picture can cause a whole lot of trouble. Last thing that you need to be careful about online is that you need to be aware of what websites you go to. The reason is that you might be going to a website that scams you and can take anything away from you. Like you credit card information and more.

information literacy and scams

There are three things I want people to know about what gets posted online. One of them would be scam websites. The reason you need to to be careful of these websites is because they are everywhere. They can fool you and take money away from you at anytime. Another thing is to not give information about someone else. Last would be to know when to know when it is good and bad information.

responsible use

There are three thing I want people to know about responsible use. One would be cheating. The reason you need to know about this is because sometimes you can get caught and can have consequences. Second you also need to be careful with plagiarism. You need to make sure you never do this one. The reason is if you copy something that is not yours on the internet and claim it as your own you can get in serious trouble. You can even go to jail. Last you need to know about fair use. What fair use does is that when you want to copy a song or use something you want you can only take a small amount of the song and other things.


There are three things I want people to know about cyberbullying. One thing is you should be a upstander. A upstander is someone who stand up for people who are getting bullied on the internet and also report it. Another thing is that when you comment something that you should always keep it positive. Last thing you need to know is that there are several things that you can do if your getting bullied. One thing is that if someone is saying stuff to you that is hurtful or a threat is you can just make a new account. Another thing would be you can block the bully. Last would be you can also report it.