Mrs. Zavernik's Class News

September 13, 2013

Here's What We Did This Week...

  • Math: We are working on place value, learning about the different forms of numbers (Standard, Expanded, Word form, Place Value form) Remember your student generally has homework each night for math
  • Daily 5 (ELA) : We've introduced the strategy of "Checking For Understanding" - It's so important to STOP and make sure we're understanding everything that's going on in our novels. I've told the students to think about "Who, Did What, & Why" and if they can do those 3 things, they're understanding enough to move on!
  • Writing: Sentence Structure! We're working on writing complete sentences using complete thoughts! Have your student start to create a journal on his/her ipad to share what he/she is doing in school and remind them to use complete sentences! (It's a great way to practice!)
  • Social Studies: State Government-This week we learned about the legislative branch of government and how it's responsibility is to MAKE THE LAWS. We also discussed who makes up this part of our state government
  • Spelling: We are using the Words Their Way word sorting system for spelling again this year. Starting Monday, your student will be coming home with a sort each week that he/she is working. Please note: Each week it's not about "Memorizing" a given list of words, it's about actually learning a spelling pattern. Please keep that in mind as you're working on sorts at home, and feel free to have your student search for other words that the pattern applies to!

An Important Reminder

Well, we are officially in full swing in 4th grade! Students are fully engaged in the technology that they have been given, and we're diving into many different lessons in all subject areas! Please remember that your student iPad is for educational use first and foremost. Also, your student should not have access to an itunes account on his/her own. I do not allow them to download apps at school, if this is something you choose to do at home, that is fine, just please remember that you should not be giving your student your itunes account password. There are thousands of awesome educational / creativity apps out there and it you want your student to have more access, I am totally fine with you as the parent putting other apps on the device!


  • Return Madison F/T $
  • Check Your Students Expandable File Folder for notes/information
  • PTO Fundraiser started today!