Mrs. Cunningham's Class News

March 2016

A little late but worth the wait!

Oh the Places you'll Go!!

Hicks Canyon celebrates Dr. Seuss's birthday and as part of our Read Across America Celebration, our class participated in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) challenge. Students were given the task to build the tallest Cat in the Hat hat. They were all given the same materials, red Solo cups, white plastic cups, red squares made of construction paper and white index cards. At first, they needed to COMMUNICATE and COLLABORATE with their team members to think of a plan. This planning took CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVITY. After trial and some error, the teams learned from their mistakes and made some fantastic hats.

Pair Share

In preparation for publishing their work. Buddies share their Writers Workshop "How to Books" with each other. This provides them with the opportunity to help make suggestions and edits.

Author's Chair

We love our US symbols

Our class has finished learning about some of the symbols of our country and what they stand for. As a culminating activity we have been working on a few differentiate activities.