Making Thinking Visible

Grade 7 Balmoral Drive Senior P.S


  • Make initial observations regarding students of mystery who are typically working at a level 2 - 3.
  • Use work samples, anecdotal and conference notes to inform about students and guide instruction
  • Co- plan, Co-teach, and co-learn together about how students learn and teaching practice.
  • Look at student samples through assessment for, and of learning.
  • Listent to student talk and probe student thinking.
  • Collaborate with grade 7 team teachers on possible next steps in instruction and student thinking and learning.
  • Build capacity in schools by opening up learning to other classrooms.

The School - Balmoral Drive Senior P.S

Balmoral Senior P.S is located in Brampton.

Grade 7 Team Teachers

Henry Song

Annapurna Penumarthy

Wilbur T. Winkle

Initial Observations of Student Thinking & Learning

  • students were not flexible with numbers
  • students had limited ability of explaining their answers
  • students were not using a number of strategies to solve math problems
  • students could not make their thinking visible

Frayer Model

This graphic organizer was designed by Dorothy Frayer and her colleagues at the University of Wisconsin to provide for a thorough understanding of new words. Students are asked to provide a Definition of the word, Facts or Characteristics of the word, Examples, and Nonexamples. This graphic organizer will lead students to a deeper understanding of a word and its relationship to their own lives.

Examples of student work

Insert pictures

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Picking students of mystery

Theory of Action

Insert Haiku Deck of Lesson

Probing student thinking

Student work samples

Next Steps

Cathy Fosnot

Student work samples

Students of Mystery voices from probing thinking

Collaborating with host teachers

Annotated Bibliography


Linking what we did to the literature

Voices from the field Mrs. Bhat

Voices from the field Mrs. Gomar