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Fun Facts!

*Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

*There are 3 official languages of Brussels: French, Dutch, and German.

*Brussels has about 1.1 million inhabitants.

*Brussels, Germany is well known for it's chocolate, waffles, and beers.

*The official currency in Brussels is the Euro.

*Brussels is one of the most international cities in the world.

*Brussels is mostly rainy year-round, but when there is sunshine the skies are a gorgeous shade of blue!

Other Interesting Facts

*Brussels is about 62.2 square miles.

*Brussels is located in northern Belgium.

*Tipping at Restaurants, at the hair salon, or even a cab is almost unheard of in Brussels!

*The legal drinking age is 16 years old.

By: Devan Flannery 4/29/15 6th period