Crazy Computer Cars

Internet "Inywhere"

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Your car......
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Your touchscreen computer.......

Put them together and you get a "CRAZY COMPUTER CAR"!!!!!!!!!!!(with "internet inywhere")


The Crazy Computer Car was invented by two girls named Jamie Steidinger and Sydney Sipes.

How it impacts society

This is something to keep your family occupied during long car rides. You can get on the internet and do things such as getting maps, watching movies, email, facebook, and playing games. The Crazy Computer Car helps keep your payments for your 3G/4G phone down since you won't be using it with your computer. It also has one laptop for every seat so that the kids (or adults) don't fight over them. This is a great invention that you should buy if you have an annoying family.


If you sit in one of the back seats the computer is built into the seat in front of you. In the passenger seat the computer is built into the dashboard. In both front and back it has a plastic cover that flips up. In the back behind the cover there is a keyboard that flips down. In the front behind the cover there is a keyboard that pulls out. You can flip the plastic cover up only half way if it is sunny and the glare is bothering you. At night or cloudy days you can flip it all the way up.

What the Crazy Computer Car does.

It has wireless internet anywhere in the United States. It also has a DVD player, hooked up to it, next to the screen. You can also put in computer games. And it has a built in Web Cam. Plus it is touch screen!!!!!!!!