Four P's Of Marketing

Keep reading to learn about the four P's of marketing

The First P of Marketing PLACE

Marketing is split into four harmonious "P's" of marketing. The first of four is Place, Place is where you decide to market your product. If you want to sell lemonade to adults, you will do it in the more business oriented areas of town. Marketing to kids you would want to go in a park to entice them to buy their product

The Second P of Marketing PRICE

Going back to the example from above you need to base your price to where you are marketing your "Target Audience". So if you were going to market at the park you would make it a lesser price so parents wont worry about spending a lot of money. If you sell in the city you would raise the price just a bit and you can entice adults to buy your product
A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

The Third P of Marketing is PRODUCT

In the past two examples we have been talking about lemonade and where and the price it should be sold at. For this example we are disregarding the lemonade analogy, and instead talking about toys. For toys they need to be nicely designed, and have good packaging. This will entice people to buy the toys

The Final P of Marketing PROMOTION

For the last P of marketing Promotion, lets go back to the lemonade example. A way of being a proficient salesperson is to promote your product. You would do this by making banners and hire people to promote your product or make special offers like buy 2 get the next half off.