Fashion In Ancient Egypt

BY: Briana Pratt

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A little about my topic

Fashion in the ancient world is a very intriguing topic! And learning about Egypt fashion is a new and unique experience. I will be talking about cosmetics (make up), royal fashion, daily wear, why make up is used, what makeup is made of, and many more interesting things!


  • Normal cosmetics are,
  • Kohl eyeliners
  • Malachite eyeshadow
  • Red ochre lipstick and blush
  • Perfumes and Oils
  • And henna for the skin.


  • Normally outfits were made of linen.
  • And most outfits were dresses like...
  • Strap dresses, straight dresses, and regular plain dresses.
  • Men wore loincloths, kilts, and sometimes shirts.
  • Pharaohs wore a Nemes crown, a false beard, and ceremonial clothing.


  • People had loved jewelry! They adorned themselves with tons of jewelry like,
  • beaded necklaces
  • pedants
  • amulets
  • wide collar necklaces
  • bracelets
  • anklets
  • and earrings!


  • Wigs were used to hide baldness
  • They were made of real human hair
  • And were made for both genders!


  • Shoes weren't very popular in ancient Egypt
  • most people were barefooted
  • but if you were wealthier you would were leather sandals.
  • If you were poor you would wear straw sandals.