Art: An Influence on My Life

By: Lonnie Radford

About Me

I'm your average person. I don't do anything special. I'm not really passionate about anything, but I try to find the beauty in everything. At the moment, I attend Ball State University and I am currently majoring in Business Administration. I'm not sure if this is what I want to do, but I'm still looking. Here, you will learn about the artistic side of me, and why art is important.


This video explains how I feel about art. Art isn't just drawing or painting. To me, art can be shown in the form of movies, music, photography, or anything you find beautiful. It really is unlimited. I think everything in the world can be considered art. It's everywhere. You just have to capture it.
Art is... - short film (2009)
When I was younger I really loved to draw. It helped me develop an imagination and make everything come to life. I didn't just draw a specific thing. Whatever was on my mind, I drew it. Drawing really helped me keep an open mind and made me into the person I am today.

Here below are two of my favorite drawings I made. I think the reason I like them is because they were both done in class, and they took a lot of skill and time. It makes me proud to know I'm able to do this.


Music has had a big influence on my life. I love music, and I believe music can bring people together. Music is how I have met most of my friends. I believe you can learn a lot about a person based off of the music they listen to. Different people listen to different music, and it offers a different perspective to everything. Music is beautiful. Being able to spot the different instruments being used, and blending them together for the perfect sound is amazing and takes talent. I think it is cool how powerful music can be.

Below are the cover art for my favorite 3 albums. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Channel Orange. Man On The Moon II.


I really enjoy watching movies. Nothing beats a great story being told. It's better than reading a book because it gives you a visual of what's happening instead of you guessing. Like music, movies have also brought me and my friends together. Being able to relive your favorite moments of a movie with your friends is a great thing. I believe movies can influence our lives in many ways. For me, movies influence me by giving me ideas I never would've thought of if it wasn't for watching it. I also believe all movies can teach you valuable lessons that you can apply to your life.

I have a really long list of movies that I love, but below I posted 3 of my favorite movies.

Anything Wes Anderson makes is a gem. All of his movies are amazing. I think they're all visually appealing, and I can watch his movies all day. This trailer is from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Everything about this movie is beautiful. It's colorful, has great shots, and is just perfect in my opinion.
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - Official International Trailer HD


Photography is really important in my life. It is the sole reason I wanted to start traveling. I used to just look at pictures of different places of the world and dream of going there. My interest in traveling helped me gain new friends and knowledge about places. I don't take many pictures, but I love looking at them. Pictures of different cities in and out of the country really fascinate me. I really love up close pictures of animals as well.

Here is a photo I took in Chicago around April. I don't own a very expensive camera and I thought it was really cool shot.

Big image
These are the 3 places I want to visit most based off of their photos. Dubai, Tokyo, and Italy. All three of these photos really appeal to the eye, and makes me believe these places will be even more beautiful in person.

To Wrap It Up...

I think the combination of these arts really show who I am and what I like. The world is beautiful, and I think there's so much to see. I also believe all of this can bring the world together in some way. All of these things have had a big influence on my life, and really shape the way I think. It's the reason I have the friends that I have now, and the reason I am where I'm at today.