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It's here! And now made in smaller versions of itself for convenient, everyday use. Coming in seven new colors, you can even go in style with "ir!" The new, patent 2013 technology makes "ir" one of a kind! It's guaranteed to live up to any of you're specific needs!

"Ir" is made for several specific reasons, ready to accomplish the things you may not want to do! Are your children irresponsible? Do they NOT listen to you? Well, guess what! "Ir" easily gets that done for you in the snap of a finger! Have you ever had a teenage daughter who simply wouldn't stop asking for money? Won't stop going to the mall instead of doing her homework? "Ir" now can tell them easily, they are not going anywhere! That they are not spending anymore! This makes it easy for you and makes your life much more serene!
Some people may say "ir" is not worth it. That it seems like any other thing in the world that claims, but never delivers what is advertised. The exact opposite goes for this! The leading brand, "in" is used by many across the U.S! Both "in" and "ir" are made to help with your not needs. The difference with "ir" it that it's now made more strict and straightforward, while still keeping everything under-control!
Growing up, "Ir" wasn't the most confident. People walked all over it and took advantage of what "Ir" had. So it learned from it's cowardice, learning how to say no, and eventually how to tell people not to do something, and using a persuasive, unique, technique to get people to go what it wanted. "Ir" was soon requested to go to a government facility, to see just how easy "Ir" could be duplicated. And after years of hard work. The new "Ir" is finally ready to be bought now, for only $19.99!