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Major Cities

  • Guayaquil
  • Cuenca
  • Santo Domingo de los Colorados
  • Machala


Ecuador was controlled by Spain and gained independence in 1822. José de San Martín (political leader) was involved to help Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama gain their independence.

Official language


The Flag

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The current flag of Ecuador was officially adopted on September 26, 1860.

The red, green and blue are the colors of Francisco de Miranda, the South American revolutionist and adventurer. Yellow is the color of the federation, red is said to indicate courage and blue symbolizes independence from Spain. The centered coat of arms is topped with a condor.

Where is Ecuador?

South America

Ecuador, about equal in area to Nevada, is in the northwest part of South America fronting on the Pacific. To the North is Colombia and to the east and South is Peru. Two high and parallel ranges of the Andes, traversing the country from North to South, are topped by tall volcanic peaks.

Physical Features

  • Jungles
  • Highlands
  • Coastal plains

Type of government

Constitutional Republic


Rafael Correa


United States Dollar

Economic system


Tourist information

  • Unparalled natural beauty, adventure after adventure, the weather, the rich culture, the food is the reason why people should visit Ecuador
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