Teen Obesity

teen obesity awareness

Good Health

Good health is when you eat healthy amounts of food and also by having good health your making sure not to eat a lot from fast food places and keeping your body away from junk food. Keeping your body bold and healthy is one of the steps to not be obese exercising when you have the chance eating good food like vegetables and low calorie foods is the 2nd step of being healthy. The 3rd step is by trying out new things like joining sports or having a exercising buddy that can help you try new things out.

Getting Active

Being Underage or even older then an adult doesn't give anyone a reason to not exercise. It actually gives you a reason to workout even more and there is tons of ways to do that one thing you can do is joining a club or sport. Second you can run in the morning or even running every morning can change your lifestyle after a while if you keep doing it every morning. Third thing you can do is if you have a wii or an xbox kinect you can buy a video games like dancing games, Just dance, Dance central and others can help you by using it. Forth exercising buddy can give you a big boost and your buddy will be able to help in any way from encouragement to actually exercising with you.

Helping Tools

You can exercise with peoples help and having tools:



Phone applications

Dancing Games

Running Buddies