KICS introducing Soft Skills tests

A quick and simple way to show the impact made


Over the past months I [KICS] have been in conversation with a Singapore based company "LogicMills" [] to obtain a simple testing system that evaluates the development of an individuals soft skills and their work ready quotient.

This has direct benefit and advantage to any educational institution and or corporate trainer.

Please read further below to understand this package and how it can benefit your organisation.

Making this work [ Soft skills measurement]

Pre test: [Cost NZD 20 with GST zero rated]

KICS provides license codes for an online "situational intelligence" test and LogicMills emails back to you a score sheet

Post test just before the programme completion [Cost NZD 20 with GST zero rated]

As above so as to enable you to compare scores pre and post and to determine the added value soft skills development that has been achieved during the time of enrolment.

This data is valuable "gold" when completing EER or ERO reporting.

I can email you full details for some beach side reading if you so like.

Making this work ["Employment ready" measurements]

As above the pattern and cost is simple. An online test with results provided enabling you as the educational provider to state with confidence the work ready quotient.

Adding in the extra's [training packages alongside the testing]

LogicMills have proven training packages for purchase [additional price] should an individual, class or cohort wish to engage with after the pre testing. These can be tailored to the particular areas of growth that is needed.

Whats the next steps:

Having worked with this material I am excited to bring it into New Zealand as it fits exactly into the aspect of EER and ERO that many institutions have struggled to find and present hard evidence.

This pre and post testing at NZD 40.00 per student provides a very cost effective solution and one which I expect to have a rapid update throughout 2016. So if this excites you also please:

  1. Email me and ask for further information.
  2. Dig into the LogicMills website. [see above]
  3. Plan to meet with me in early February to sign a simple licence agreement.
  4. Plan to enter all the students in as the first cohort of testing.
  5. From the licence agreement I will generate an invoice. [NZD 20.00 per licence]
  6. Once the invoice is paid the licence codes will be provided and you are good to go.
  7. Once the test scores are emailed back we can talk about the analysis and interpretation of the results.
  8. But in the meantime have a great day on Friday in whatever way you celebrate this day.