Spring 2016 Online

Welcome to Class!

My name is Mikel Del Rosario. I'm a Christian Apologetics professor, speaker and trainer.

This course will increase your confidence as a Christian by exploring key arguments and evidence for the truth of Christianity. You'll also be equipped to discuss your faith with your friends, family and acquaintances in a highly skeptical, 21st century context. I'm excited to meet each one of you as we begin our exploration of Christian Apologetics together.

Besides defending the faith, I also love using my talents in singing and music to worship the Lord. My primary guitar for worship leading is an Epiphone EJ-160e Jumbo Acoustic. I also rock a '93 Japanese Fender Squier Stratocaster and offer up delay-enhanced Vox chime as a spiritual act of worship! :-)

Here are our required texts:

  • Del Rosario, Mikel. (2011). The Accessible Apologetics Workbook.
  • Craig, William Lane. (2010). On Guard
  • Cowan, S. (2000). Five Views on Apologetics
  • Koukl, G. (2009). Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.

Please begin by completing the Jessup Online Student Orientation. Next, download the course syllabus, paying special attention to the book review assignment and the integration project options and due dates. Also, take a moment to introduce yourself in the forum labeled "Introductions" on our main course page. Once you've completed these assignments, you can move on to the Week 1 Course Materials.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to our time together!

Professor Mikel Del Rosario