Week of Monday, January 13th

Ms. Perez's Newsletter

Room 203

We are back into the swing of things. Accelerated Reader is underway and most are exciting and eager to earn those points.

Monday, January 13

Happy Birthday Mrs. Roraback

Wednesday, January 15

Dollar Dress-up Day...Crazy Hat and Hair

Thursday, January 16

PCE Spirit Night...Jason's Deli 5pm-10pm

Friday, January 17

Healthy Heart Jog


  • Please remember to have your child at morning assembly by 7:40am. Morning assembly is a great way to start our day together as a class family.
  • Make sure to check and initial their Panther folder daily for behavior notes and school/community information.
  • Check their blue Homework folder for any assignments. Remember all homework is given Monday and due Thursday with the exception of spelling tests, which will be administered on Friday.


We continue our nonfiction book study. As with fiction, when we read nonfiction, we ask questions before and during reading. We activate and revise our schema, prior knowledge.

We will revisit cause and effect this week. Students will identify the cause of a given situation and its effects.


We wrap up our Small Moments unit of study. Students prepare selected piece for publication. We then begin our new unit: Writing for Readers, where we look at working harder and in different ways so that others can read our writing.


This week we look at the structure of a paragraph. Students determine what sentences help support the main idea of the paragraph and which sentences are unnecessary. As always we look at complete sentences with proper punctuation for a statement and a question.


This week we look at compound words. Although students are expected to master these words, applying the phonics rule will aid in their writing and reading.