Foreign Affairs

Granted independence to Papua New Guinea

What was the reform?

The granted independence to Papua New Guinea and so all the functions of government were transferred from the Australian government to the Papua New Guinea administration.

Why was it introduced?

It was introduced to make Papua New Guinea free as until it wasn't independent Australian wasnt really able to get its independence.

What would the positive impacts be?

Papua New Guinea can do what is good for them and don't have to follow Australia.

Who would support the reform?

Gough Whitlam and the chief minister and later prime minister Michael Samore were two people who supported the reform as both wanted independence.

Who did the reform neglect?

The reform neglected the fact that Papua New Guinea shouldn't be left on its as it is still a developing country and it might not have enough resources to survive.

Who would oppose the reform?

The queen might oppose the reform as Australia is ruled by Britain and they wouldn't want to lose countries that they are ruling over.

What would/could the negative impacts be?

One of the negative impacts would be Papua New Guinea not being able to provide its citizens with the resources that are required to function the country.