New York

Don't just eat pork, Come to New York!

Reasons for Settlement

Come to start and seek a new life and a new beginning! New York contains the most significant and busiest ports in the world. Come to seek a new job in the ports of New York! There are many other occupations and jobs that you can make an income from. Some of these jobs are fur trapping, lumber, shipping, slave trade, merchants and tradesman, farming, and iron mining. You have the right to practice your own religion and faith. There are wetlands along the coast, forested mountains to the north, and the Hudson River discovered by the famous Henry Hudson. The cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers provide a perfect balance of climate to satisfy a wide variety of jobs.

Government of New York

The Colony of New York, started in 1664 in the year of our lord was named after the gracious majesty, James, Duke of York. The Second Assembly with Jacob Leisler as the Commander in Chief established in New York passed the same laws as the first: fifteen, the most important of which was the Charter. The Charter allows the citizens of New York to elect their own lawmakers, the right to trial by jury, and the right to worship any religion as they please.

The Geography and Climate of the Colony of New York

The climate of our colony is very unique. The wetlands along the coast provide good farmland for which you can grow crops such as rice. The lush mountains also provide trees for lumber and shipbuilding. The large land estates provide gracious lands for your livestock to graze on.

The Religion of New York

Our religion has no disregard for any religion. We accept and respect any belief that comes in our colony. From Quakers to Puritans we have no prejudice against them. Unlike colonies of Connecticut and Virginia, we allow any religion. So, if you want a no-discriminating environment to worship and pray, come to New York!