The diary of Anne Frank


About Otto Frank

Mr.Frank is an amazing man in this play The Diary Of Anne Frank. Mr.Frank kept the family in hope of them making it out and into the real world again. Mr.Franks real name is Otto Frank. Otto Frank died on 19 August 1980 at age 91 to the cause of lung cancer.After the Holocaust Mr.Frank found out he was the only sole survivor of his family and of the Van Danns. After he found out that Anne, his family, and the Van Danns were all gone. So he inherited Anne's diary and he decided to publish her diary as a book so he could fulfill her dream for being a writer.

Picture site:

ANNE FRANK (1929-1945). - German-Jewish diarist. Anne, second from right, with her sister Margo, father Otto, and mother Edith, in the Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, 1941.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 4 Dec 2015.



We all show courage in our life just like in The Diary Of Anne Frank by overcoming obstacles. How they showed courage was when Anne goes into hiding and leaves all her friends(381).” I miss playing outside and feeling the warm sun.”(418-419). This means that she shows great courage for the sake of herself and her family. She knows that is what she must do. Also Miep and Mr. Kraken show courage by helping the Franks and Van Daans while they are in hiding when Mr.Kraler says “I'd never live see the day when a man like mister Frank would have to go into hiding.”(375) . This means that Mr.Kraler was very confused but still happy about keeping them safe through all of this madness. Another example of theme is when a thief broke in and everyone thought it was the police but Mr.Frank says to them, “ A moment ago we thought that they’d come for us. We were sure it was the end. But it wasn't the end. We’re alive,safe.” This means that they never gave up on Mr.Frank or on Miep or on Mr.Kraler. Which showed miraculous courage from Mr.Frank and of everyone in the Annex(409).


We all show hope in our life by believing in ourselves and that we won't go down easily like they showed that in The Diary Of Anne Frank. How they showed hope was when Mother (Mrs.Frank) kept telling everyone that they will hopefully be set free(430). Anne says “I think myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with pim”(433).This means she will never stop dreaming of being set free.Another sign of hope was when Anne goes and tells herself they will soon be free and she will soon see her friends and be able to be outside in the open(433). Also another way they show hope is when Father(Mr.Frank) does everything he can to help the families through everything and still believing the will be set free. The plays Reads “They will got out of that horrible place and be set free back into society.”(434)This means that they never gave up hope in the Annex or in the Camps they were sent to(434).

Otto's symbol

My symbol for Mr.Frank is a Howling Alpha Wolf because he shows remarkable bravery on surviving and keeping his family and friends safe. Mr.Frank made sure everyone would not turn mad. He made sure that everyone was calm and collected. Mr.Frank was a remarkable man in my opinion. He showed bravery and he showed courage and hope. He believed in his family and he made sure they had hope that they would make it out of the Annex and back to their normal lives. Mr.Frank also kept Anne's dream of being a writer come true because he published her diary. He always believed in Miep and Mr.Kraler on being there for them and by believing that they would really help them.