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Hello, Hidden River Families--

You likely have seen over the past few weeks a couple of emails regarding single Covid Positive cases of Hidden River students, which has caused a relatively small number of our students to have to quarantine for several days as part of our Covid safety protocols. First, I am grateful for our Hidden River and Monroe School District staff members who have ensured we are following our protocols in a way that has minimized the number of close contacts at school. With that said, we know that it is a hardship for any student and family who has to be on an extended absence from school, so I wanted to take a little time to inform you of how we are trying to support students continuing to learn while they have to be at home. Here are our steps:

1. Ms. Chastain, our school counselor, will set up a 15 minute Zoom meeting with your student as soon as possible (our goal is the first day of an extended absence). During that meeting, she will have your student share their screen and go over all of their class Canvas pages. While we know it is not always possible, parents are encouraged to attend these Zoom meetings as well.

2. The outcome of that meeting will be the development of a "To Do" list for your student, for each class.

3. If your student is able to complete at least 70% of this "To Do" list, we will consider them as having attended / engaged during their extended absence period.

4. If your student is stuck or struggling on an assignment, please have them email the teacher of that class directly for support.

5. The day before your student returns to school, we are asking that your student email each of their teachers, informing them of what they have completed and not completed from the list of assignments for that class. This will help our teachers know how to prepare for their return to school in person.

We know this is a very less than ideal situation and want to see all of our students at school every day. We also appreciate your partnership in communicating to your students the importance of mask wearing, distancing, and following all of the Covid safety protocols so that we can keep as many students here at school as possible.

Finally, please continue to monitor your student for symptoms of illness before sending them to school. This is perhaps our greatest precautionary step to eliminating the risk of exposure to any illness, including Covid 19.

Thank you all for your partnership with this, and please do not hesitate to call with questions if you are in a situation where your student is on an extended absence related to these protocols.

Jonathan Judy



Care and Connection

Signs of Suicide Curriculum

-Delivery during the weeks of Novermber 29 and December 6

-Informational Webinar and Discussion in the coming weeks; more details will be shared in the newsletter next week

-Additional Information linked HERE

Second Step Curriculum delivery in Connection Groups

Linked here is an introductory letter published by the Second Step Curriculum developers giving a broad overview of the work that will be covered in our Connections Groups throughout the school year. Please let us know if you have questions or you would like to have a more in-depth look at the information. We will be providing a weekly preview of the lessons for your information.

Preview of Lessons (Week of 11/8):

Grade 6, Lesson 3: Trying New Strategies

Summary: In this week’s lesson, your child will brainstorm different strategies they can try when they’re having trouble learning something new.

Question: Tell your child about a time you needed to change your approach in order to learn something new. Ask your child to tell you about something they’re working hard to learn and how you can help.

Grade 7, Lesson 3: Learning from Mistakes and Failure

Summary: In this week's lesson, your child will learn how to learn from mistakes. When your child does difficult things, they may initially make mistakes and fail, but these mistakes can be chances to learn and grow.

Question: Tell your child about a mistake you made in the past and what you learned from it. Ask your child to tell you about a mistake they made and what they learned from it.

Grade 8, Lesson 3: My Interests and Strengths

Summary: In this week’s lesson, your child will reflect on how they have used their personal strengths to develop an interest, skill, or ability.

Question: Tell your child about a skill, interest, or ability you have and how you developed it. Discuss the skills, attitudes, or people who helped you along the way.


YMCA Weekly Newsletter

ParenTeen Connect Info: Parent resource from the Committee for Children

MSD Wellness Resources for Families: English / Spanish

Lily Chastain

School Counselor


Thurs., Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day, No School

Wed., Nov. 17th - Picture Re-take Day

Thurs./Fri., Nov. 25-26 - Thanksgiving Break


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The ASB officers would like to know about your family/friends that are veterans.

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Calling all 8th grade parents and guardians! It is time to submit your 8th grade student's baby picture for the yearbook. It is tradition here, at HRMS, to have pictures of our 8th graders when they were little people in our yearbook. Please submit ONE picture to hrmyearbook@monroe.wednet.edu

Thank you!


Our purpose at Hidden River is to ensure that ALL students learn the essential academic, social, and citizenship skills to be successful in middle school and beyond.

Core Values: "Our Kids, Our Community"

  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Act with Integrity
  • Wholehearted Respect
  • Keep our Commitments
  • Serve our Community

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