Counselor Connections

from Mrs. Hoover and Ms. Wilkenson

Up and Runnin'

Happy to have our Counselor Connections Newsletter back and runnin' to keep you updated and connected with what's happening in our corner! :) Some of this newsletter may be a sweet repeat, but bear with us :)


Our community is wonderful to reach out to each other throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season. Through Flint River Baptist Church we were able to send 60 children to Shop with a Hero this past Saturday. I encourage everyone to be a Hero (you already are!) next year and go shop with a child. I promise it will move you like never before to see these children light up when they are able to freely shop for themselves and loved ones for Christmas! Other local churches and agencies provided more than 60 families with all the ingredients to prepare a complete holiday meal, and some of our families were adopted for Christmas by local Sunday Schools and businesses. What a blessing to belong to a school and community where we know our families are cared for! We never know when we may be the ones in need.

Lunches of Love (2 times this week)

A HUGE thank you to Lighthouse for continuing to serve our children with Lunches of Love. We will send home Lunches of Love tomorrow (Wednesday) and Friday this week. If your students change classes during the day, please send them for their Lunches of Love first thing in the morning. It is hard to track them down after they have changed classes. Thank you for your help in this. Also, if you know a child will not be here Friday, they may certainly come on Thursday and get their second bag.


Last week I was called to BMS for crisis counseling. I appreciate so much what Mr. O'Rear sent out regarding the student that passed. Words cannot express the feelings, emotions, and grief surrounding the school. I replayed so many things that Thursday night. I think what I kept coming back to was how we so easily lose focus, though never intentionally, of what really matters; relationships, talking, listening, being 'here'...'now'. The things that we say and do, or don't say or do, really do matter. The time we take or don't take... the smile we share. It matters. Things? Not so much. Grades? Tests? I know they matter, but connection... Connection is what matters. Knowing someone cares...about us.

I saw so many young students reaching out to each other last week; holding hands, holding each other, praying, talking, eventually trying to laugh. Connecting.

I just wanted to thank you for the connections you make with these children, families, and each other. It matters. Hugely.


Clothes and shoes

We are out of small clothes and underwear in the Counselors' Corner. We would gladly accept donations of smaller sweat pants and underwear for the little ones if you have any to donate.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your Counselors! :)

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