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April 2016

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  • Kiersten's Corner
  • End of the Year Procedures
  • Changes for 2016-17
  • Survey

Kiersten's Corner--April 2016

Dear colleagues,

I am so pleased to share a couple of news items with you. The first is that the EL Program Planning Team had its first meeting last week and I am so excited about the work that we are embarking on and appreciative of the staff who are sharing their time and expertise! The team will continue to meet monthly and we will share details about our work as they emerge.

Secondly, a new EL position is currently posted and will remain open through the end of the day on Thursday, April 28th. We will be hiring an EL Staff Development / Assessment Specialist. This position will provide increased support for professional development, particularly on-going and job-embedded PD, as well as support for our program improvement work. The easiest way to look for the job posting is by searching the All Vacancies category for EL. The job ID is 13773. Please consider this opportunity and feel free to also pass the word to any colleagues you believe would be good candidates!

Lastly, we are hosting an optional EL staff meeting at the ESC on Wednesday, May 4th in the Boardroom. We will review the end-of-the-year procedures that are mentioned in this newsletter and will also provide some updates about work for next year. I hope that many of you are able to make it as we aren’t able to see each other and connect often!

* Secondary EL teachers: 3:00 – 4:00 PM on May 4th

* Elementary EL teachers: 4:30 – 5:30 PM on May 4th

End of the Year Procedures

Ellevation and EL Service Plans:

  • Update progress on goals in Ellevation. --Begin now

  • Print out a copy of the EL Service Plan for the students' CUM files. --Due June 9

  • For students with current Refusal status--you do not need to print and file the EL Service Plan.

  • For students currently on Transition--these students need to be exited. If they do not meet exit criteria, they will either need to be placed back into direct EL service or another plan must be in place to address areas of need. Use the Status Request Form (see EL Status Updates below) to document these changes.

  • For students currently on Consult status--please refer to the Ellevation Quick Start guide for details on how to document consult service in Ellevation. Print and place a copy of the EL Service Plan in the CUM file for these students.

Exiting and EL Status Updates:

  • Review district Exit Criteria --Now

  • For students who will likely exit this year, review reading test data and classroom performance. --Begin now.

  • Review ACCESS 2016 data to verify students meeting proficiency. --Data will be available May 24 or 25.

  • Complete a Status Request Form for EACH student as described below. Please indicate on the form that a copy was put in the student's CUM file before sending it to EL Intake at the ENR. You may scan and email the form or send it via district mail. Forms are due at the Enrollment Center (ENR) EL Intake office by June 3.

  • For students Exiting from EL, contact parents by phone or in person, and send an Exit Letter. Other changes to EL status should also be communicated to parents (phone, email, or in person) and recorded on the Status Request Form. --Due by June 9

Status Request Forms are required by June 3 for:

Students who are exiting

Students who will change from Direct EL to Indirect EL Services: Consult or Refusal

Students who will change from Indirect EL to Direct EL

Students who met proficiency on ACCESS, but are NOT exiting

Students who are currently on Transition, but are not exiting (returning to Direct)

It is extremely important that we receive the Status Request Forms by June 3. We will use these to update EL information in TSIS (our district database) and Ellevation. In addition, we must have the information on these forms to communicate with the secretaries at elementary buildings and counseling offices at the middle and high schools about students who have changes to their EL status.

Site List Updates and Changes

You do not need to print your site list and send updates as in the past. Students proficiency levels will be the scores from their most current EL assessment and will be available in Ellevation. Use the Status Request Form to communicate any change in EL Status.

Final Reminders

Current Refusal of Service Students

  • EL Intake staff will review records and test data to determine whether these students are ready to exit from EL service. If so, EL Intake staff will complete the exit process.

  • For refusal students who are not ready to exit, EL Intake staff will contact parents about EL service for next year.

If you have information about these students that would be helpful in making exit decisions or direct service placements for these students, please contact EL Intake staff.

Transitional Students

  • EL teachers at the building should review student’s records and test data to determine whether these students are ready to exit from EL service. If so, EL teachers at the building will complete the exit process.

  • For transitional students who are not ready to exit, teachers must make a plan for direct EL service (such as a collaborative class) and/or other interventions, document this on the EL Status Form, and communicate all changes to parents.

No students may remain on or be placed on transitional status next year.

Consult Students

If no EL Teacher has been assigned to these students, the EL contact person for your building is responsible for updating the consult information in Ellevation, documenting and communicating any changes to service, and printing a copy of the EL Service Plan for the CUM file. See the Ellevation Quick Start Guide: Documenting students who are on Consult Status for more information.

Changes for 2016-17

The EL Database served us well, but Ellevation will be your source for EL information after the end of this school year.

TSIS, our district student information system is switching to Edupoint Synergy. TSIS holds all demographic information, test data, schedules, grades, EL and Sped information. Synergy should be a big improvement as it includes more options for collecting information about our EL students.

Survey: EL Consult and EL Service for Students with Significant Disabilities

If you work directly with or provide EL consult to students who have significant disabilities such as students in a Connect or Skills program please complete this survey if you have not already done so.
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